Waterproofing Systems Intro

Waterproofing is required to keep our properties safe, comfortable and healthy, without proper waterproofing structures will quickly deteriorate. Areas such as bathrooms, basements, concrete floors, balconies and generally damp areas will all require waterproofing. Other scenarios may include drinking water tanks, concrete floors with a residual humidity unsuitable for laying wooden floors, and garage walls that are below ground level.

At Mainland Chroma, we stock and can supply a range of the Mapei waterproofing products. Listed below are some of our bestselling products.

Mapei Triblock P

Triblock P is a 3-part epoxy primer for damp surfaces. Ideal for treating damp substrates such as old ceramic tiled or terrazzo dressed floors, Triblock P will adhere to very smooth surfaces. Triblock P can also be used to prepare concrete floors for laying wooden or resin flooring when the residual humidity of the concrete is too high. Triblock P can be applied to damp substrates prior to the application of protective and anti-corrosive epoxy products which are impermeable to moisture.

Do not apply Triblock P to cracks subject to movement, Triblock P is a rigid product.

Sizes: 5kg kits

Mapei Mapeplastic Smart

Mapeplastic Smart is a two-part cementitious mortar, highly flexible with crack bridging properties ideal for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools.  This is also an ideal product for both protecting concrete structures and cementitious surfaces that are subject to hairlines cracks due to vibrations.

Mapeplastic Smart is particularly suitable for waterproofing irregular surfaces.

Sizes: 30kg kits