Preparation, Priming & Sealing

The success of a painting project largely relies on thorough preparation of the surface. Cleaning thoroughly prior to painting will ensure dirt, grim and dust are removed enabling good paint adhesion. Use Resene Paint Prep and Housewash to ensure that all grease and dirt is removed thoroughly If the surface is unpainted a primer / sealer will be required.  Each substrate has different properties it is therefore important to use a primer / sealer that is specifically manufactured to suit the substrate properties.
For example, bathrooms are generally lined with a water-resistant wallboard which have a waxy coating, therefore a pigmented sealer, such as Resene Sureseal, is recommended. The solvent based sealer will penetrate the waxy surface ensuring moisture does not permeate into the board.



Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries

Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are subject to steam, heat and humidity which requires paint coatings to perform in some very specific ways. Regular surface cleaning also requires the paint to be highly serviceable. It is therefore particularly important that the correct paint systems are used in these areas.
Waterborne or oil based enamels are recommended, tough, washable and steam resistant these paint products are available in a range of sheen finishes from flat to gloss. Try Resene Spacecote for a Low Sheen finish or Resene Lustacryl for a semi gloss. If you prefer the traditional oil finish but with a contemporary low sheen finish try Resene Room Velvet.

Most modern paint formulas include a mould defender, however if a kitchen or bathroom is subject to poor ventilation and subsequently mould growth use Resene Spacecote Kitchen & Bathroom Low Sheen or Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom Semi Gloss. The addition of silver provides anti bacterial protection keeping your come safe and clean. 




Hallways are usually the busiest areas of our homes with the walls undergoing some tough treatment from hands, bags, pets and other various objects which travel in and out of the front door. Often with long unbroken walls hallways are subject to critical lighting issues highlighting imperfections within the wall surface. High traffic areas hallways generally need regular cleaning.
With such demands, waterborne enamels are the best performing paint products for hallways, tough durable and washable they will stand up to the daily knocks. Choosing a low sheen or a flat finish will help hide imperfections highlighted by critical lighting, additionally lighter colours are more sympathetic to lumpy walls. Try Resene Spacecote Low Sheen for a tough durable finish.