Find a Decorator

When we let someone in to our home we want reassurance they will do go a good job and respect our place. At Mainland Chroma we deal with qualified, professional and reputable decorators daily. If you are looking for a decorator we can make a referral from a our trusted pool of trade clients. We always recommend getting three quotes, and choosing a decorator you feel comfortable working with.


Technical Support

If you have any technical queries call 03 3381312. If we don't know the answer straight away we'll do our research and come back with a solution. 



Mainland Clean Up Centre

Mainland Clean Up Centre is an E Can and Christchurch City Council approved paint wash water drop off depot and clean-up site. By utilizing our existing facilities and on hand expertise Mainland has been able to provide a service with the direct aim of helping to preserve the quality of Canterbury waterways. 

In 2013 Mainland Clean Up Centre was recognized by Environment Canterbury, with a Karara Award for our efforts in environmental management.