Protectoil is a Linseed Oil based stain that will enhance the natural beauty whilst providing excellent protection against the New Zealand's varied weather conditions. This exterior timber finish penetrates deep into the wood with the first coat and leaves a durable wax like film on the surface with second coat. Additionally Protectoil will protect timber from borer and mould.
Protectoil is an excellent choice as protective coating for fences; buildings, and children’s play areas. Suitable for rough sawn /softwood timber and can be used on dressed/ hard wood timber when applied correctly.

Clean up: Mineral Turpentine
Size: 20L, 4L, 1L colours available: Vandyke, Russley Red, Clear, Brown, Forrestry Black, Green

Test pots available 125ml



Mainland Linseed Oil Stain

Mainland Linseed Oil Stain is an exterior wood finish which enhances the natural beauty and grain of wood. Suitable for both dressed and rough sawn timber, this product is a pure linseed oil based stain with added mould inhibitors designed to give maximum protection, including waterproofing, against New Zealand weather conditions. Coloured pigments within the stain also provide essential protection against UV damage.
Clean up:  Mineral Turpentine
Sizes:  10L, 4L, 1L
Colours available: Black, Brown, Grey, Cedar, Macrocarpa, Neutral, Rimu



Mainland Acrylic Fence Stain

Mainland Acrylic Fence Stain
Mainland Acrylic Fence Stain is the perfect option for wooden fences, pergolas and trellis. This product is made from high performance acrylic resins, which gives protection to all wooden surfaces against New Zealand weather conditions. Fade resistant pigments ensure good colour retention over time. It is easy to recoat with minimal surface preparation.
Clean up: Soap & Water
Size: 10L