Mainland Vegetable Turpentine

Vegetable Turpentine is a colourless liquid with a pine odour. Also known as Gum Turpentine, 100% Wood Turpentine it is made by distilling the resinous gum from pine trees. Vegetable Turpentine is most commonly used for the thinning of oil finishes, varnishes, stains, polyurethane’s and oil based paints.

Sizes: 20L, 4 L, 1L, 500ml


Mainland Wood Clear

Wood Clear (Zinc Naphthenate) act as a timber preservatives providing extra protection to stop rot and prevent mildew growth.

Clean up: Mineral Turpentine
Sizes: 20L, 4L, 1L, 500ml


Mainland Wood Rosin

Wood Rosin is a translucent yellowish-to-dark brown resin derived from the resin of pine trees. It is commonly used to increase sliding friction (for example on the bows of stringed instruments) and to manufacture a wide variety of products including traditional varnishes.

Sizes: 5kg, 1kg, 500g


Mainland Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid is excellent for removing rust stains or old varnish stains in timber. Oxalic Acid is also used for wood bleaching when a mild bleaching agent is desired. Bleaching generally lightens the colour of the wood or makes the colouring more uniform.

Sizes: 25kg, 1kg, 500g



Liberon Van Dyck Crystals

A traditional and natural water based dye made from walnut husks, with which different depths of brown can be achieved.

Size: 250g


Liberon Touch Up Pens

Liberon Touch Up Pens Touch-up Pens are ideal for disguising scratches and small blemishes on finished wood surfaces. Made with a spirit dye the felt tipped pens provide a water and wipe resistant colour for finished surfaces


Liberon Iron Paste

Ideal for decorative cast and wrought ironwork such as cast iron grates, surrounds, fire irons.

Size: 250ml


Liberon Ring Remover

Liberon Ring Remover removes most white water and heat marks from highly polished surfaces including French polishes, lacquers, varnishes and modern hard finishes.