The elegant Rosemore Collection is inspired by English country gardens comprises a selection of soft leaf trails, rambling rose florals, hazy woodland scenes and sophisticated scroll damasks. Encompassing a combination of gentle greys delicate pinks, warm yellows and duck egg, combined with subtle textures the soft tones of each of the Rosemore designs will provide a touch of tranquility to any interior. 


Combining traditional concepts with futuristic styling reflects the spirit of the times - New techniques show that venturing into new terrain is always worthwhile! A wealth of ideas and a fine, instinctive flair for material and colour have resulted in a collection that offers both aficionados of classic ornamentation and those who move with the times and have a penchant for unusual design just the right wallcoverings.

Black & White

Black & White remains a strong colour trend in wallcoverings to create bold statements for interior decor. 

Aspiring Walls has carefully chosen a selection of the best designs of this style from leading wallpaper manufacturers and placed them in one comprehensive 'focus' collection to make for easier selection. The design range covers most of the present leading trends from quirky conversational through to classic traditional. 


Lemurs, flamingos, pugs ….
An abundance of tropical designs with a modern twist and elegant botanicals with a vintage feel combine with bold quirky conversational collages in this unique collection.



Make way for wall designers who will surprise you with their fascinating creations and have devised all kinds of optical illusions.
Give your home a completely new dimension. These wallpapers let you enjoy mysterious and interesting new perspectives that partly have their roots in classical trompe l’oeil painting (French for “deceive the eye”). Particularly eye-catching designs in this collection breathe new life into your home and increase the feeling of space with “Passepartout”.


Italian Textures

Italian styled textured wallcoverings are noted for their styling, heavy profile and the luxurious ambiance they promote in any interior.
Aspiring Walls has carefully chosen a selection of the best designs of this style from leading wall covering manufacturers and placed in one comprehensive collection to make for easier selection.


Modern geometric designs merged with elements inspired by nature. The Loft collection contains unexpected combinations in colour and design. Loft is sophisticated and tempting – sleek yet playful.



A gorgeous collection of the latest trends including metallics, minerals, bricks and weathered surfaces, all inspired by nature. This collection conjures up just the right touch of warmth and elegance giving your dream room an individual character.
All you need to do is decide… which story you want your walls to tell.


The updated version of our popular Interiors Collection is here!
Coloured with our most popular interior colours this collection will provide a perfect neutral background to compliment your everyday living and enhance your interior design style. Textured wallpaper brings with it a feeling of warmth to any room whilst providing a hard wearing and long lasting finish to your walls.