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Family Owned and Independent Paint & Decorative Coating Supplier
Family Owned and Independent Paint & Decorative Coating Supplier



Selecting colours and wallpapers for your home can seem a daunting task! At Mainland Colour Shop, we can put the fun back into choosing colours. With vast industry experience the Mainland team can guide you through a comprehensive range of colours, selecting colours to compliment your home. We offer a range of colour service options, from in-store consultations to onsite visits for both interior and exterior colour schemes. 


The success of a painting project largely relies on thorough preparation of the surface. Cleaning thoroughly prior to painting will ensure dirt, grime and dust are removed, enabling good paint adhesion. If the surface is unpainted a primer/sealer will be required.

Each substrate has different properties – it's therefore important to use a primer/sealer that is specifically manufactured to suit the substrate properties. We can work with you to find the best solution for optimal results.


Painting outside comes with various challenges, and undertaking the correct preparation by using the right sealers and primers will greatly add to the success of a painting project. Living in urban areas, and with many properties being considered coastal, the surfaces of our homes and properties are subjected to salts, fuel deposits, moss & mould and grime. Even simply using an appropriate cleaner before a repaint will greatly assist the longevity of a coating!

New Zealand weather systems can also deal some harsh treatment to coatings and building materials, leading to numerous surface problems from blistering paint to corroding metal. It is important these surface issues are addressed, either by removal or by using the correct treatment such a rust converter.

Exterior painting also presents a myriad of substrates, from plaster render to brick, weatherboard, concrete, galvanized iron and many more. Using the correct primer and sealer is therefore essential! The team at Mainland Colour Shop will ensure you use the correct product for your substrate. 


Different rooms in your home require paints with different qualities. Kitchens, bathrooms and laundries are subject to steam, heat and humidity, which requires their paint coatings to perform in specific ways.

The paint finishes used for these areas will be different, for example, than those used for hallways – which are usually the busiest areas of our homes, with the walls undergoing some tough treatment from hands, bags, pets and other various objects which travel in and out of the front door. Often with long unbroken walls, hallways are also subject to critical lighting issues, which can serve to highlight imperfections within the wall surface.

Choosing the correct paint finish for your space will address these environmental factors to ensure the best visual result and longevity of your coating – our Mainland team will guide you to the right products for the best outcome!


When we let someone into our home, we want reassurance that they will do a good job and respect our place! At Mainland Colour Shop we deal with qualified, professional and reputable decorators daily. If you are looking for a decorator, we can make a referral from our trusted pool of trade clients. We can provide you with three quotes, and choosing a decorator you feel comfortable working with.

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