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Family Owned and Independent Paint & Decorative Coating Supplier

Kiwax Liming Wax 200gm

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Kiwax Liming Wax produces a distinct white, grained finish to bare and stained timber, emphasizing the natural grain pattern. It has all the properties of the Kiwax Fine Paste Beeswax Polish which protect and preserve wooden surfaces.


Kiwax - Liming Wax is the ideal finish for all types of wood and furniture , including French Polished and lacquered surfaces, doors and panels. It is a protective coating for many types of metalwork as well. Kiwax is a child safe product.


Surface preparation
Sand the timber with 180-320 grit sand paper. Ensure surface is dry and free from dust, dirt and grease. Further sanding with 0000 steel wool would enhance the finish of the timber, by removing any remaining sanding marks.

Bare Timber treatment.
Kiwax can be applied with a soft cloth or a fine steel wool pad (0000). Rub the first application with even circular strokes along the grain. A second and third application should be applied with soft cloth and then lightly buffed with a lint free cotton cloth. Allow up to 20 minutes for wax to harden before buffing.

Sealed Timber Treatment
Natural absorbent timbers can be sealed with Mainland Finishing Oil, Wax Polish Sealer or Natural Shellac Solution. A sealer will provide the surface with a clear finish to inhibit the excessive absorption of wax polish thus allowing an even deep wax finish to be obtained more quickly. One to two coats of Kiwax need be applied by cloth over most correctly sealed surfaces.

Polish Reduction.
Kiwax can be reduced to a softer paste if required with Mainland Vegetable Turpentine. The polish will have to be heated using a double water boiler to incorporate the extra solvent. Extreme care should be taken when attempting this procedure as all the ingredients are flammable when over heated.

Kiwax used on its own will not prevent the timber surface from marking with hot water or alcoholic drinks. It is recommended that heat resistant mats be used on tables prepared with Kiwax Liming Wax.

Sizes: 200gm

Please Note:
As this product is classed as DG (dangerous goods i.e. flammable) there may be a longer delivery period, and incurs additional freight costs

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