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Family Owned and Independent Paint & Decorative Coating Supplier
Family Owned and Independent Paint & Decorative Coating Supplier

Mainland Finishing Oil

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Finishing Oil is a blend of high quality oils & resins and is formulated for a variety of interior woodwork surfaces. It provides a smooth soft sheen that enhances the natural colour and beauty of bare interior wood. Finishing Oil is particularly suitable for refinishing stripped restoration furniture, architectural interior wood, turned woodwork, raw wood kit set furniture. It may also be used on cork, stone and terracotta.


Coverage - 8 to 12 sq. m / Lt.
Usage - Interior
Dry Time - Minimum 5 hours
Equipment Cleaning - Mineral Turpentine

Shake well before use. Ensure that the surface to be treated is clean and dry. If previously oiled, waxed or painted, clean or strip thoroughly.
Hard finishes such as varnishes and paints must be completely removed. If a colour change is required, first use a proprietary wood stain. Apply a thin coat of finishing oil with a brush or cloth and allow up to 5 minutes to penetrate.
During this time it is necessary to regularly check the absorption of the finishing oil into the wood and wipe off all excess with a clean cloth before the surface dries enough to become sticky.
Allow to dry and apply more thin coats as required. For best results lightly rub with extra fine steel wool (0000) between coats to remove any shiny spots. Remove dust with a tack rag. If required a wax finish can now be achieved by applying Mainland Kiwax. Important Mainland would recommend the use of their Teak Wax on turned timber that may come into contact with food, due to the higher rating food safe ingredients used to formulate Teak Wax. Always test product first on spare wood or in an inconspicuous area to check colour, compatibility and end results.


(1) Not recommended for application to slate surfaces.
(2) Oily cloths or rags can self combust. (i.e. burst into flames). Do not leave impregnated cloths in bundles. Before discarding, lay them flat to dry outside to avoid a potential fire hazard.

To maintain surfaces treated only with Finishing Oil, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Please Note:
As this product is classed as DG (dangerous goods i.e. flammable) there may be a longer delivery period, and incurs additional freight costs

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