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Family Owned and Independent Paint & Decorative Coating Supplier
Family Owned and Independent Paint & Decorative Coating Supplier

Shellac Flakes

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$45.00 - $132.00
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Shellac (Orange, Blonde & Garnet) offers a traditional finishing system.

Derived from natural sources it provides an ecological alternative to synthetic chemicals. The versatility of Shellac is unmatched and therefore used in a wide range of industries, Shellac is most famously known for French polishing.

Used as a furniture polish Shellac creates a high gloss finish, with unique depth and brilliance unobtainable by varnishes and lacquers. Shellac has the added attribute of being UV resistant.

Other uses for Shellac include wood priming, sanding sealer, stain blocking over the following; watermarks, grease, graffiti, crayon, smoke & soot, knots & sap. It is ideal for sealing porous surfaces such as plaster, old paint and wallpaper ensuring a smooth even finish after repainting. Shellac can also be used to seal wooden floors before waxing and varnishing. It is compatible with most varnishes and paints but not urethanes.

Sizes:  1kg, 500gm, 250gm.

Suitable for interior use only.

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